Sunday, 22 August 2010

"It has direct port nitrous injection, Yeah and a standalone fuel management system. Not a bad way to spend $10k"

Bit of a random one but a few months ago I got asked to look at "Fast and furious car"
as it wouldn't run after the engine had been rebuild.

Went to have a look and it ended up being one of the eclipses from the first faf film.
Anyway after messing around trying to fix it I couldn't find any faults so offered to install a Megasquirt.

At some point its had a few quid spent on it and now has a turbo, unfortunately its been done a bit poor and was only "mapped" with a safc.

Anyway its about 80% sorted and I've had it running again to some extent but I've still to fit the voltage reg for the alternator.

So its another big up for Megasquirt as iirc its one of the only ecus to run the 420a crank teeth pattern.

Hers a few pics a mate took while I was making the loom.