Saturday, 17 December 2016

DIY 50mil (1.27mm) to 100mil (2.54mm) adapter for atatmel ice

I've been meaning to try the new cortex m0 chips by atmel but was put off by the high programmer price, fortunately they now sell a bare version known as atatmel-ice-pcba with no case or cables. So after the initial shock of how small the cortex debug connector is I set off to find a cheap way to break this out to 0.1" headers. Fortunately a soic chip has the same footprint as the SMD variant of the mating connector. Flicking through the CPC site to find anything 1.27mm (50mil) I found some soic to dip adapters, after checking the data sheets to confirm it would work I made the order.

Description CPC code Manufacturer code
AMPHENOL FCI Minitek127 10way SMT RECEPTACLE CN18263 20021321-00010C4LF
PROTO ADVANTAGE SOIC-14 to DIP-14 Adapter PC01795 PA0003